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BRAVE Bar Soap

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BRAVE Bar Soap - Secretly Obvious Organic Holistic Natural Skincare Soap Serum Shea Butter Sunscreens for cystic acne scars

This invigorating essential oil bar soap is also a shampoo bar, uniquely formulated with organic woodsy essential oils for a masculine scent, standing out from our other soaps. Powerful enough to remove makeup and grease. Hand crafted for sensitive skin, free from synthetic fragrance, dyes, or other fillers.

5 oz Net wt.

Smells like:

Masculine, fresh, forest, jungle, wilderness, woods, trees, strong, clean, uplifting, inspiring, freedom, minty

How to use

Simply glide your hand over the bar and apply to face, body, and hair. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash away with filtered water and pat dry, following with our other products. 

*No lather needed! This bar will last three times longer than other soaps!

How it works

  1. Cleanses & disinfects
  2. Balances sebum production
  3. Nourishes and rejuvenates new skin
  4. Softens without chemical residue film


  • Safe for all ages and skin types
  • Promotes balanced scalp and hair
  • Great for shaving and shampoo 
  • Tones and hydrates
  • Promotes clear skin
  • 100% pure, natural and organic 
  • Vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, soy free
  • Leaves no invisible chemical film residue
  • Safe for face and body
  • Non-toxic repurposed and recycled packaging
  • Hand made in small batches in California, USA


      • Organic saponfied coconut oil
      • Organic castor oil
      • Organic hemp seed oil
      • Organic essential oils of peppermint and patchouli

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