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Secretly Obvious Bloom Starter Bundle for women, safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, to balance hormones, acne, stretch marks, drys kin, and pms

This bundle was created specifically for the changing woman and her maternal requirements. We wanted to offer something safe and effective for the most sensitive women, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, to gently battle hormonal imbalance, acne, stretch marks, stress, anxiety, depression, and PMS.

More gentle than the BLEMISH and BANISH products,the alternative BLOOM Serum is perfect for women of all skin types, inspired by the welcoming and feminine quality of floral essential oils.

This serum is simple to use, but be sure to use it as part of our 3 step system once or twice daily, but especially at night to allow for maximum undisturbed absorption and soft clear skin when you wake up:

Step 1: Wash with the BLOOM Bar Soap. No lather or wash cloth is needed, your hands are just fine. This soap is great for face, body, shampoo, and even shaving!

Step 2: Apply the BLOOM Serum on any part of your face and body, concentrating on any dry areas, blemishes, scars, red marks, dark spots, cysts, boils, ingrown hairs, or stretch marks. Gently massage into skin until absorbed. 

Step 3: Apply a pea size of the BLOOM Butter (or any Secretly Obvious Butter) to any areas of concern. A little goes a long way! Gently massage to complete absorption before applying any organic foundation (make sure its all natural or go without it!) 

And that's it! Wash your hands again and store products in a cool dark place.

Ingredients: Organic oils of coconut, jojoba, moringa seed, lavender, ylang ylang, geranium, rose and unrefined shea butter.

*Not a substitute for medical care, talk with your physician about any medical concerns. External use only. Discontinue use if swelling or allergic reaction occurs. Please read this page for details.


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