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We Care About Your Health

We want to make sure you recognize the power you have over your body and your health simply by respecting your chemical makeup. Eliminating endocrine disrupting influences from your environment and routine is the first step in properly using our products.

1. Water is Life

Drink only reverse osmosis water, not bottled water, tap water, or filtered tap water. The chemicals in our water supply damage the skin and health. Reverse osmosis machines are found outside most drug and grocery stores and are the only way to avoid drinking the neurotoxin fluoride.

Get a Brita in line shower filter from Home Depot and bathe only in this water. Your hair and skin will thank you!

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2. Eat Organic

Eat a plant based diet limiting sugar, dairy, and artificial ingredients. Try to avoid packaged foods and anything with a label. In America, labels cannot be trusted. A whole 30, paleo, or anti-candida diet would be sufficient.

If possible, grow your own produce using reverse osmosis water!

3. Clean Simple

Ditch the detergents. Be sure that your dishes and clothes are washed in a natural soap like ours.

Clean simple. Use peroxide and essential oils or vinegar and essential oils for an all natural cleaning solution great for surfaces and floors. Even cleaning products that are labeled as "natural" can contain endocrine disruptors, plus they cost more!

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4. Healthy is The New Pretty

Foundations, body sprays, perfumes, lotions, makeup remover wipes, and most all commercial personal care products are loaded with endocrine disrupting chemicals that do nothing but damage your skin. Any product with "fragrance" listed as an ingredient should be avoided at all costs!

We recommend only 3 organic makeup brands if you must wear makeup to cover your blemishes: 100 Percent Pure, 14e Cosmetics, and MG Naturals.

5. Avoid Mixing Products

Avoid any other remedies or skin procedures with our products, natural or otherwise. Our line of products was created to simplify your routine and limit your product usage. We offer everything you need for beautiful radiant skin that defies aging and toxicity.

We cannot be responsible for the ingredients that are manufactured by other brands and their chemical reaction with pure essential oils.

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6. Let it work!

Don't squeeze or pick your skin, avoid overly exfoliating (the oils naturally do that). Allow your skin time to transform, be patient and join our Facebook Group for support.

7. No Acne Medication

Do not start or continue the use of oral acne medications while using our products. The dryness and overall damaging health effects those drugs create in your system should not be combined with essential oils.

Be sure to consult your medical professional for all health concerns and questions, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from any allergy or preexisting condition. Patch test is recommended to avoid potential allergic reaction.

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