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About our unique products

Most conventional skincare in stores contains alcohols, emulsifiers, stearic acid, perfume, and more. Because these ingredients give us hives and acne, and disrupt our endocrine system, we hand make raw products without fillers. Secretly Obvious skin care is different in how it behaves. Be patient in getting used to our all natural products if you are unfamiliar with raw ingredients. ALL PRODUCTS ARE FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.


  • No lather is needed
  • Safe for all ages, even babies
  • For face, body and hair
  • Removes makeup, grease, dandruff
  • Balances sebum production
  • Great for shaving


  • Safe for face & body
  • Dries slowly
  • All serums help with acne, dark spots, dry skin, aging skin, redness, and oily skin 
  • Children can use the BLISS serums only
  • Pregnant women can use the BLISS and BLOOM serums only
  • BANISH and BLEMISH serums are concentrated, please see below


  • Safe for face, body, and hair
  • Use especially overnight like a mask
  • Shea butter has a natural 15 spf
  • Sunscreen is ~30 spf and should be reapplied every 30 min of direct sunlight- it is not waterproof
  • SUNSCREEN, BLISS and BLEMISH butters are baby safe, great for diaper area
  • BLOOM, BLISS, BLEMISH, and SUNSCREEN butters are safe for pregnancy


Both of these serums are intense and should be used to target blemishes, cysts, boils, scars, stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation, and dark spots. Because these blends are more concentrated, we do not include a dropper cap, and we recommend using the larger bottle to refill the roller to apply to targeted areas.

  • THE DIFFERENCE: The BLEMISH Serum contains peppermint oil and provides a tingle, while the BANISH Serum does not.

  • PEELING/PURGING: Both serums may cause peeling and purging which is normal and good, don't exfoliate if this happens, just be sure to use one of our corresponding butters to accelerate the process and make it more comfortable.
  • REDNESS: Redness is normal, sometimes the normal purging process looks like a rash, but it is all part of the process. If obvious swelling occurs you may be allergic to one of the oils and should discontinue use. For this reason, a 24 patch test is recommended.
  • SLOW DOWN: The more often you use the serum, the stronger the effect, feel free to slow down if it's too intense and give your skin a chance to peel & heal.
  • USE SUNSCREEN: These serums are photo-sensitizing and should be used with our Sunscreen Butter if in the sun.
  • USE SUNSCREEN: These serums are photo-sensitizing and should be used with our Sunscreen Butter if in the sun.
  • EXPECTORANTS: Both serums have expectorant properties, which means they pull out toxins, pus, dirt, and dead skin from your pores while training your skin and body to stop producing acne, redness, and inflammation altogether.
  • BE PATIENT! These products do not work over night, your skin may continue to breakout in cycles that become less and less, typically for 6-12 months. Most clients have been free from acne for 3+ years since using these serums, your patience and trust in the natural process is worth the wait!
  • WARNING: Keep these serums from children and pets. External use only.
  • NOT PREGNANT: We recommend avoiding these if you are pregnant due to their expectorant properties
  • NO MEDS: Don't use oral acne medications due to the dry skin, side effects, and over all sensitivity your system may experience on those drugs.
  • NO MIXING: It is very important not to use synthetic makeup or other products with these serums as the oils will only treat them like a toxin. See our health tips below for recommendations


  • Our black cumin seed, moringa seed, and misters are easy to use on the go any time and by themselves as miracle moisturizers that tame redness, fight fungus and inflammation, and combat acne.
  • Black seed is not recommended for pregnant women

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