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Secretly Obvious Bloom Soap for women, safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, to balance hormones, acne, stretchmarks, dryskin, and pms

BLOOM Bar Soap

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The BLOOM bar soap naturally aids in the delicate balance of the female endocrine system, and being gentle enough for anyone to use. The floral oils provide a sweet and feminine scent that follows you throughout the day, while the petals provide some light exfoliating action. A woman’s limbic system responds to floral essential oils through inhalation alone, and this part of the brain regulates everything from hormone secretion to memory, mood, and emotion. This soap is perfect for acne, scars, and dry or aging skin, leaving skin clear and softer than ever before.

Ingredients: Organic oils of coconut, lavender, geranium & ylang ylang with dried lavender and rose petals.

This soap has many uses and benefits:

  • Use as a shampoo bar to remove build up and dandruff
  • Get a clean shave and the softest skin ever, no lather needed!
  • Remove makeup, grease, dirt, and dead skin easily
  • Balance the ph and sebum production for toned, clear, soft skin
  • Combat wrinkles and large pores with the tightening effects of essential oils


Facts about our soap:

  • Like all of our soap, this bar is gentle for using on the whole family, even kids, because essential oils are very gentle when saponified. Just avoid contact with eyes and don’t ingest it!
  • The powerful essential oils are added before saponification, allowing the repair and rejuvenation of the skin like only Mother Nature can, balancing sebum production and ph of the dermis, while the scent alone triggers the limbic system in the brain to properly manage hormones, mood, and memory.
  • Our soap can be used on the face, body, and even as a shampoo bar and shaving aid. This is a truly all in one product, allowing you to free up space in your routine and bathroom. You can even use this soap for laundry and dishes!
  • Our soap is handcrafted in small batches, hand blended, poured, cut, and wrapped, and we ship it directly to you within days after casting.
  • We are the only company that refuses to add any synthetics or filler ingredients to our soap such as dyes, fragrance, stearic acid, cheap oils, or preservatives, and this is why it is so special. We keep it in bar form to preserve the most natural cleansing option.
  • Each batch is a little different, due to the chemical nature of the soap making process, and the uncontrollable variation of essential oil crop yields, but the recipe is always the same.
  • We use only organic oils in our soap (seriously, that’s it!) and this is why it is so gentle and effective, but should be used as soon as it arrives since there are no preservatives.

*Not a substitute for medical care, talk with your physician about any medical concerns. External use only. Discontinue use if swelling or allergic reaction occurs. Please read this page for details.